There is no denying that the price of bitcoin continues to rise and reach new all time highs each day. As people keep buying it, it seems that the stock market doesn’t seem to follow quite so closely.

Many forecaster have predicted that the price of a single bitcoin will reach well into the five figure range before it finally falls to its initial market value. It is unclear how this rate of growth can be sustained, but there seems to be no stopping the increased volume. One has to wonder if the short term support will hold, and will the price of bitcoin increase even more?

Before bringing this article to a close, I thought I would make a quick analysis of one of the most popular markets in the world today. Let me introduce you to China’s stock market. It’s now very difficult to purchase shares in major Chinese companies because the government controls all of the investment activities.

There are many cases where purchasing shares is banned, and in some cases they have even seized entire companies. In fact, if you do not purchase stocks that are directly linked to the government, then your attempts to do so will end up in nowhere.

The same thing applies to the Chinese stock market. The only way that you will be able to buy or sell shares, or even put money in the market, is to use one of the hundreds of offshore or Chinese based virtual platforms.

Of course, these offshore or virtual platforms do not offer any form of legal tender. Of course, that fact is irrelevant, because it is the Chinese government that dictates how the exchange works, and how it is policed.

As such, when you purchase or sell shares, the transaction does not involve a transaction from you, the owner of the company’s stock. Instead, a representative of the Chinese government will place a bid for the stock.

There are thousands of Chinese-based virtual platforms that accept bitcoin as a form of payment. This makes it very simple for anyone to get started with bitcoin trading, or even try their hand at using the digital currency. You just need to find a reputable company, set up an account, and start trading.

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